Case Study:

Corey Farm & Equine Insurance

Corey Farm & Equine Insurance provides insurance services for farmers and their four-legged muscly friends – it’s a real thing! They provided Arrows with the exciting opportunity to start a social media presence from scratch. Luckily for us, Doug Corey’s passion for horses and equestrian sport shines through in his content.



To ensure that ads were only being shown to the most relevant potential Corey customers, we used several targeting layers:


Layer 1:
First, we developed targeting parameters for posts on Facebook against a mix of interests and purchasing behavior.
Layer 2:
We then targeted geographical spends against similar insurance companies. 
Layer 3:
We retargeted based on the demographics of people who most 
engaged with our content. Paid ad spend was allocated to boost those posts to maximize reach and page engagement. 


569% increase in targeted audience growth
Lifts in regional attention and accounts

Corey Farm & Equine - Interview

Corey Farm & Equine - Interview