Case Study:

Jeanie Shea, Realtor

Jeanie Shea is a successful, charismatic realtor in the Hoover area. She saw the success that social media marketing was bringing to her colleagues from other markets, so she entrusted her accounts to the Arrows team to help takeover her market. We’re happy to tell you it turned to be a good decision. We use custom content to show off some beautiful houses, and more importantly, Jeanie’s friendly, inviting personality.




We wanted to help Jeanie build her brand in a way that established her as the go-to person when it comes to all things Hoover, AL. Our strategy centers around creating content at scale that provides her community (and those looking to move into the Hoover area) with valuable information on the businesses, events, and neighborhoods in the region. This includes community-centered interviews (#MeetYourHooverNeighbor) and tons of tips for homebuyers.



Can you fill enough content avenues (entertainment, education, inspiration, etc.) to truly provide your customers value at scale?


33% increase in targeted audience growth

257% lift in average reach and engagement
Lifts in new listings and targeted web traffic

Meet Your Hoover Neighbors - Whole Scoop

Meet Your Hoover Neighbors - Whole Scoop