Case Study:

Reli Title

Reli Title is the largest title insurance agency in the Southeast United States. They’re a well-established company but hadn’t maximized the potential of their social media presence. That’s where we came in. We utilize creative, consistent video content to bring all of their followers the same value they provide to their clients.



The real estate industry in Birmingham is a fierce and competitive space. We wanted to deviate from the standard advertising and marketing being used in the region and focus our content on the personalities, culture, and expertise of the Reli team. While everyone else was shoving products and services into the faces of Birmingham realtors, we were focused on creating content that made you want to be BFFs with the Reli team.



Who would you rather buy from: your lovable and trusted friend or some guy banging on your door begging for your business?


To ensure that ads were only being shown to the most relevant potential Reli customers, we used Facebook targeting.


51.4% increase in targeted audience growth

327% lift in average reach and engagement
Lifts in sales and regional attention

Reli - 2019 Branding Video

Reli - 2019 Branding Video