Our mission:

To help businesses grow through creative storytelling in a way that connects them to their communities

About Us

In 2015, Arrows Digital Media was hardly even a thought in Josh Cosico’s mind. As a graduate from Sac State, Josh was working for a local start-up and trying to make some extra cash to pay for his wedding by creating local marketing campaigns for friends and family. He soon brought in his best friend and fellow CSUS alum, Quynn Meyers-Keller, to help with the projects and add some organization. Throughout the next year, they built out what would become Arrows Digital Media. It started out as a nomadic, coffee-shop operation and quickly grew to a full one-stop-shop for marketing and brand building. By 2016, both Josh and Quynn had left their full-time jobs to devote their attention to Arrows.


They believe in helping their clients’ brands become a resource for customers. They choose to partner with brands that they are passionate about, knowing that this dedication will shine through the content they create together and attract more customers.

Josh Cosico was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Rancho Cordova, CA at an early age. From there, he attended Sacramento State, where he forged a friendship with Quynn Meyers-Keller that would eventually lead to the creation of Arrows Digital Media. As CEO, Josh works to set the vision, culture, and strategy for Arrows through products and operations. Besides getting to work with his best friends, Josh appreciates the opportunity that Arrows provides to help businesses exponentially grow their brand awareness in their industry. Josh loves to create and produce music in his free time, spend time with his wife, and play basketball as much as possible. When he can’t get outside, he settles for the next best thing: NBA 2K.

Originally from Shingle Springs, CA, Quynn Meyers-Keller made his way to Sacramento State where he met fellow Arrows founder, Josh Cosico, and together they created what would become Arrows Digital Media. Quynn’s primary focus at Arrows is strategizing organization and development for the company as a whole. While Quynn’s greater task is focusing on the big picture, he also works to build and maintain Arrow’s network in Sacramento. Quynn is especially grateful that he and Josh have built team composed of their family and friends and has the opportunity to work alongside them. Outside of Arrows, Quynn freely admits that he has a strong relationship with video games, especially Rocket League, but he balances that with his love for playing soccer and passion for writing and playing music.

Meghan Ramirez-Hall grew up in Vacaville, CA and attended Sacramento State University where she met Josh and Quynn in the Honors Program. Meghan was brought onto the team to focus on crafting an overall marketing strategy for clients. This varies from ensuring the client's brand and voice is consistent and specific, to posting and maintaining the client’s social pages in a way that produces a community of loyal consumers. Coming from a corporate background, Meghan appreciates that Arrows can have fun and be laid back, but knows that ultimately the team will give 100% to get the job done with excellence. In her day-to-day, Meghan loves to spend time with her husband and pupper, go for late-night bike rides, and cook all the recipes she can get her hands on!