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Poole & Company, an architecture firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, understands the power of utilizing videos, podcasts, and social media to showcase their work and thought leadership in the industry. They use videos to visually highlight the design process and the unique features of their projects, giving potential clients a better understanding of their capabilities. The videos showcase their work, process, and the final outcome, and it's a great way to show their potential clients what they can expect when they work with Poole & Company.

Poole & Company also produces podcasts that discuss current architectural trends and ideas, positioning the firm as thought leaders in the industry. These podcasts provide valuable information to listeners and help to establish Poole & Company as experts in the field. They also use social media platforms to share their projects, thought leadership, and industry insights, which helps them to connect with a wider audience and create a sense of community.

In addition to showcasing their work, Poole & Company also uses social media to strengthen the personal brands of key members of their team for business development purposes. By creating and sharing content that highlights the expertise and experience of individual team members, the firm is able to showcase the depth of their talent and build trust with potential clients. They also use social media to connect with other industry professionals and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the field. This approach helps to enhance the personal brands of the key members of the team and position them as thought leaders in the industry, which in turn helps to attract new business and opportunities for the firm.

Poole - Firehouse FINAL

Poole - Firehouse FINAL

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